Work - site massage - Massage in office

Massage in office - this is short (15 to 20 min) massage given on a special chair, at work place, without taking off the clothes. It was invented for people who have long-term sitting job. The massage chair is designed in a way that person sitting on it is leaning with front body part, which let the body to be loosen. The massage therapist is using the technique of manual therapy, streching and acupressure on neck, spine, shoulders, forearms and wrists.

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Work-site massage means:

  • Safety - before every treatment the health interview is set aiming evaluation of the medical conditions and ruling out massage contraindications
  • Compatibility - short lasting, non work desorganisation, mobility of massage chair
  • Comfort - this technique doesn't need separate room, taking off the clothes or any lubricants
  • Effectiveness - appropriately chosen set of movements and pressure
  • Versatility - everyone irrespective of the age and position in the company can benefit from this massage that reduces stress and feeling of anxiety