About us

K & J Massage is a Polish company, which employs highly qualified people, who graduated from Medical University and finished many courses confirmed with adequate certificates. We know how to assess body silhouette, advise and prepare proper treatments' schedule. We know and we can do massages from Europe, United States of America, Far East.

Due to the fact the conditions for treatment are narrowed because they are provided in locations chosen by the client we had to descope our offer. However thanks to our knowledge and professional experience acquired in SPA centers we are able to prepare personalized massage program.


For our Clients we prepared two programs:

  • Personal Wellness Solutions is an offer for individual clients composed of wide variety of massages, peelings and treatments enabling to relax and rehabilitate at home.Order massage in the home!
  • Corporate Wellness Solutions is an offer for companies for whom main consern is employees health and are able to provide them massage and consultation sessions at work place. Order massage in the office!